Adress:No. 23, International Innovation Port, Mudu Industrial Zone, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.



    San Martin, a watch brand founded by a veteran, Jiaming Liao.

    Our brand is positioned as a niche style watch. 13 bronze watches, 12 stainless steel watches and 3 Damascus steel watches have been launched. We have applied for 8 independent design patents and 2 new practical patents for watch structure.

     San Martin watch is the pioneer in China to produce several watches with Chinese traditional culture in bronze. It has won a good reputation with the bronze ancient tripod pattern carved watch and the bronze Tang dynasty flower pattern carved watch. So far, San Martin brand is the most popular brand of bronze watches in domestic brands!

    As quality continues to improve, San Martin focuses on the development of special materials for watches, and in 2018 designed and introduced three Damascus pattern steel watches.

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